Welcome to Wumpology

Welcome to Wumpology

Wanna Wump? Who doesn’t?

A power-trio like no other, 7 Hump Wump brings high energy, a broad mix of songs from all decades, plus 3-part harmonies that set them apart from the rest. Playing the crowd’s favorites, plus some rarely attempted rockified classics.

Playing artists ranging from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Stevie Wonder – we’ve got it in the bag… Superstitious? Find some Higher Ground and get Wumped.

Here are some of our demo tunes (don’t worry grandma, we do all this acoustic too):

Vertigo – U2

Mr. Brightside – Killers

Sex on fire – Kings of Leon

Hash Pipe – Weezer

Interstate Love Song – Stone Temple Pilots

Breathe / Big Empty – Pink Floyd / Stone Temple Pilots

How we stay so fit.

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Keeping up with the demand of constant gigs has taught us alot about ourselves. There is no doubt that if you do not keep up with your health, you will pay the price.

Performing takes a hard toll on your body. More than you would think. We also try out best to eat healthy on the road. But we do have a little help. I know for myself I like to use a few supplements in order to keep my brain and my body in top condition so that I can perform whenever called upon without facing or falling to fatigue.

Fish oil has been huge for both myself and my bandmates. We all use it daily. It just gives you that extra bit of brain juice you need to keep performing throughout the day without experiencing burnout.

The best supplement we have found for weight loss is to just get as much exercise as possible. No secret there.

Just thought we would let you in on how we manage to stay so active and vibrant throughout our performances!


Checkout this article for some more basic health info.

7 Hump Wump is:

7 Hump Wump is:
Jonny C – Vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, kazoo (joncurrent.com)

Doug Masters – Vocals, drums and percussion, pints of guinness

Jamie Brown – Vocals, electric guitar, bass guitar, he is the Wump Master and keeper of the keys to Bottomus